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Noname, 23 May 2020

  Reply : Thank u stay safe

Great as always

Martin, 06 May 2020

  Reply : Thank u Martin ur welcome stay safe

Ordered food after a long day in the garden everything came but the pizza we ordered was wrong ended up with a mushroom and red onion pizza instead of a pepperoni pizza nevertheless it was lovely

Rebecca, 25 Apr 2020

  Reply : Sorry abt the pizza Rebecca our mistake thank u for the feedback we will make sure it’s spot on next time

Like the no contact service under the current caranovis epicdemic..

Barbara, 21 Mar 2020

  Reply : Thank u barbara ur welcome

nice food. quick delivery.

Angela, 20 Mar 2020

  Reply : Thank angela ur most welcome

Highly recommended

Jason, 08 Mar 2020

  Reply : Thank u Jason must welcome

Always lovely

Martin, 27 Feb 2020

  Reply : Thank Martin ur most welcome


Reading the past reviews this sounded promising, it was disappointing at best. Donner was cold, barely any salad provided or sauce. The chips were cold and soggy which was probably down to the just over an hour long delivery time. Although the doner is well cut and probably is nice as long as its delivered warm. Also ordered with the intention of receiving chicken doner, to me this tasted like chicken tikka so again i was disappointed. Although the takeaway did call to notify me they would be late but this isnt much use when the 45m timer has ran out

Tom, 09 Feb 2020

  Reply : Sorry Tom we were very busy this weekend sorry for chicken doner it’s a printing mistake on our menu we do chicken sharma not chicken doner my apologies

5 stars *****

Sue, 08 Feb 2020

  Reply : Thank u sue ur welcome

Amazing quality and well cook by far the best takeaway going

Emmanual, 03 Jan 2020

  Reply : Emmanual thank for ur feedback ur most welcome

Very good

Junaid, 30 Dec 2019

Lovely Pizza

Margaret, 28 Dec 2019

Food is amazing. Thank you so much!

B, 26 Sep 2019


Lovely food

Katie, 22 Sep 2019

Excellent food, friendly delivery

Ken, 13 Sep 2019


Craig, 10 Aug 2019


a ** as always

Christine James, 26 Jul 2019

Lovely food

Lindsay, 14 Jul 2019

Very nice lace to eat

Kim, 07 Jul 2019

Food is very nice and good value for the money.

Mandy, 02 Jun 2019

Really enjoyed the food All very nice.

Gilly, 30 May 2019

Such a lovely place to order food, highly recommended for my friends and family.

Paige, 22 May 2019

Buy one get one free on pizzas on a Monday, happy dayz :)

Cameron, 20 May 2019

Gr8 food


Food was really nice and the driver was very cute


Less than 15 mins brilliant food and service